The Problem


The Dead Sea is rapidly declining. Over the last decade, the surface has reduced by a third, and every day it declines a further 0.3cm, roughly 1.2m per year.

This decline has caused thousands of sinkholes to form, destroying beaches, roads, infrastructure, and livelihoods.

Without drastic intervention, the Dead Sea, as we know it, will soon cease to exist.


In the North

Historically, water flowed from the Sea of Galilee downstream through the River Jordan arriving at the Dead Sea. However, over the last few decades, regional demands for irrigation and potable water, has resulted in water being diverted further upstream. Today, only 10% of the original water flow reaches the Dead Sea.

In the South

Compounding the problems in the North, intense extraction of Potash and other minerals by factories in the South, has resulted in accelerated evaporation of hundreds of millions of cubic meters of water annually.

With no incentives for factories to extract water sustainably, this situation has been allowed to continue for decades.

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