Host a Speaker

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They say it takes 5% of an aware population to create change

To do this we must continue to tell the story of this Sea, convey our message, and create the hope we seek to experience in this region.
We’re getting pretty close to that point.
Now it’s (also) up to you. You can make ripples.

“And You Should Tell Your Children” (Book of Exodus).

The story of saving the Dead Sea must be told and echoed and that’s how the long-awaited change will happen, and there is no better way than to reveal it to your audience – friends, family, school, public events, film festivals, music festivals, organization gatherings, social clubs, etc.

Initiate an event- host a movie screening, talks and lectures.

Create opportunities for storytelling (after all we’re saving a Sea here), so people can join in and become Dead Sea Guardians!


Want to become a Dead Sea Guardian?