Our Activities

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Shai Gil

Legislation and policy

We are drafting legislation to establish an independent Dead Sea Authority that will coordinate and promote the Dead Sea issue at all levels: nationally, environmentally, and economically.


We are publishing professional economic opinions to highlight the economic benefits of saving the Dead Sea.

Water management

We are publishing a professional water management opinion by a renowned expert, who will create a viable water management system to rehabilitate both the Dead Sea and Lower Jordan River.


We are establishing a program to educate new guardians, including tour guides and teachers, to spread the word about the Dead Sea Crisis and the importance of restoration.


We are organizing a coalition of Israel’s leading environmental movements to collaborate on the rehabilitation of the Jordan River and Dead Sea.


We are recruiting Dead Sea Guardians from around the world to raise money and influence decision makers.


We are initiating national and international campaigns to raise awareness of the Dead Sea’s plight.

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