Advisory Committee

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Zvi Kaplan – Chairman Former Director General at Israel Space Agency.

Arad Talmon – Adv. Hagai Ashlagi Head of Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution at Cohen Wilcheck & Co law firm.



Lior Segev Investment banker and CEO of Liquant Asset Management.

Zohar Palti  Fellow at Washington Middle East Institute. Former Chief of Mossad Intelligence Directorate.

Leehee Goldenberg Environmental lawyer and policy professional.

Miki Haimovich Former news anchor, journalist and politician. Chair of the board for “Heschel Center for Sustainability”.

Colonel (Ret.) Amit Livni VP Marketing at City Transformer. Former co-CEO of BDO Israel and CMO of EL AL Airlines.

Sigalit Landau Internationally renowned sculptor, video and installation artist.

Louie Schwartzberg Director, producer, and cinematographer. Recognized pioneer of time-lapse cinematography.

Hai Miara  NDrip’s global supply manager. Previous Chief of Staff to CEO at Israel Water Authority.

Prof. Shaul Mishal  Professor at Reichman & Tel Aviv universities focusing on Middle Eastern policy. Visiting professor at Harvard, Yale and theNational University of Singapore.

Amir Alroy Co-founder of Welltech Ventures. Member of the Global Wellness Summit advisory board.

Eyal Hulata Former Chief of Staff for the National Security and National Security Advisor to the former Prime Minister of Israel.

Or Yelin For the past 5 years Or has been leading fundraising and developments
of relationships and communities in the world for the ‘Brothers for Life’ association.

Itamar Weizmann Itamar is a partner and manager of the climate department at the Firstime Investment Fund. Itamar is the chairman and founder of the Radical
Publishing House, a climate lecturer at Sami Shimon College and a founder of
the V15 movement.

Kim Noach PhD student in Politics and Government, researching the rising
political power of the city in the global arena, focusing on environmental and climate issues.

Adv. Rani HajYahia Rani advises clients in cross-cultural and multilingual arenas, specializing in the fields of energy and corporate finance on national, regional and international levels.

Ania Bukshtein Renowned Israeli actress and musician.

Gur Shreibman Director of the Schusterman Family Philanthropic Foundation.



Audit committee – Shay Gil and Doron Kalil. 

Legal Advisor – Adv. Hagai Ashlagi.
Auditor – CPA Tal Chasdai.



AVIV Foundation.
Kibbutz Kalya – Yael & Zeevi Maor, Linda & Hezi Stein.

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