Advisory Board

Mr. Lior Segev – Chairman of the Committee of Advisors. Investment banker and CEO of Liquant Asset Management. Founder and a board member of the Israeli Hedge Fund Association (IHFA) and of Migdalor, the Israeli Naval Academy Alumni Association.

Mr. Zohar Palti – Fellow at The Washington Institute and strategic consultant at “ELECTRUM” group N.Y. 
Mr. Palti was the head of the Policy & Political-Military Bureau at Israel’s Ministry of Defense. Prior, he was the chief of the Mossad Intelligence Directorate and he held some other key positions in the Mossad.

Adv. Leehee Goldenberg – Environmental lawyer and policy professional. Specializing in energy, climate change and resource governance. leading partnerships and coalitions – with government ministers, senior regulators, governmental stakeholders, municipalities as well as civil society and the private sector.

Mrs. Miki Haimovich – Former News anchor and journalist, and a leader of campaigns for environmental protection and animal rights. In 2012, she founded the NGO, “Meatless Monday Israel” as part of a global movement calling for reducing the consumption of animals for moral, ecological, and health reasons. Between 2014 and 2018, Miki hosted a social and environmental investigative journalism program.
Mrs. Haimovich served as a Member of Knesset in the “Blue and White” parliamentary group in the 21-23 Knesset (2019-2021). During these two years she served as the chair of the Internal Affairs and Environment Committee, she brought topics for discussion that hardly ever received attention from government ministries. Miki is the chair of the board of the “Heschel center for sustainability” and hosts a radio show and a podcast regarding environment and climate.

Colonel (Ret) Amit Livni –VP Marketing at City Transformer. Former Co-Ceo of BBDO Israel Group and the CMO of EL AL Airlines. Role of Deputy IDF Spokesperson and a commander of a missile corvette at the Israeli Navy. 

Mrs. Sigalit Landau – A leading  Israeli and internationally renowned sculptor, video and installation artist.  Living and working in Tel Aviv, Landau and her team. For twenty years, Sigalit Landau has made art – both monumental and profoundly intimate – at the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. Inspired by this primal place, Landau creates works of great beauty that address fragile dualities: life and death, injury and healing, destruction and hope.

Mr. Louie Schwartzberg – An American director, producer, and cinematographer. Since 2004, Schwartzberg has worked as a director for films, including the 2019 film, Fantastic Fungi, and the 2014 Netflix series, Moving Art. Schwartzberg is recognized as a pioneer in high-end time-lapse cinematography.

Hai Miara – Serves today As NDrip’s global supply chain manage. Previously served as chief of staff to CEO at the Israel Water Authority and in the Israeli Finance Ministry.

Prof Shaul Mishal – Professor at Reichmann University (IDC Herzliya) and Tel Aviv University. Mishal’s research focuses on societies and politics in the Middle East; visiting Professor of Political Science at Yale University and at the National University of Singapore; Visiting Scholar at the Center for International Affairs at Harvard; and a Senior Fellow at the Harvard School of Public health.

Mr. Amir Alroy – A wellness professional with vast experience in business and wellness. Amir is the Co-founder of ‘Welltech Ventures’, a leading fund investing in wellness and health innovation. A member of the ‘Global Wellness Summit’ Advisory Board, a wellness keynote speaker, runs a monthly wellness technology podcast, a Global Wellness Day ambassador, and is one of the pioneers in the wellness technology global ecosystem. Amir was selected as one of 30 top influencers transforming wellness 2022-2023 by Medika Life.

Seed partners – Yael Maor, Zeevi Maor, Linda Stein, Hezi Stein (aka Team Kalya). Donors and partners in action on ground. As residents of the place, the group brings with it a deep affinity to the Dead Sea and the people living around it.

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